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Criminal law is the exercise of government power to punish. Government resources and the interest of the public are set against the rights of the individual for fair and impartial justice.  Criminal law encompasses a wide range of offenses, including but not limited to murder, assault, theft, fraud, and drug offenses. 

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Criminal Law

Getting arrested and charged with a crime is an emotional and difficult experience. A conviction can: jeopardize your freedom, damage your professional and personal life, affect your reputation, your ability to gain employment, and your credit. The laws regarding your relationship with the government are very complicated and complex. Morris Duke Stewart PA will stand with you and for you. Our Firm will guide you through this confusing maze of court appearances, fines, and forms that can endanger your civil liberties. Having experience matters, Morris Duke Stewart PA has the only North Carolina Board Certified Specialist in State Criminal Law in Harnett County, and one of a select few in the state.

When making decisions that may affect your future, you need experienced and aggressive attorneys who can thoroughly defend your rights. 

Criminal Law

Violent Crimes

Murder/ Homicide
Assault & Battery
Domestic Violence
Illegal Possession of Weapons
Vehicular Manslaughter
Hate Crimes
Hit & Run

Property Crimes

Armed Robbery
Breaking & Entering
Credit Card Fraud
Identity Theft
Receiving Stolen Property

Drug Related

Possession of Controlled Substances
Possession with Intent to Sell or Deliver
Manufacture of Controlled Substances
Acquiring Prescription by Fraud
All other drug-related offenses

White Collar Crimes

Computer Crimes
Money Laundering
Tax Evasion

Sexual Offenses

Sexual Assault
Statutory Rape

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