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A Driver’s License means freedom in rural North Carolina.  Without robust public transportation, rural North Carolina drives to work, to school, to the store, to kids activities, to church, and even for medical care. If past charges, fines, or clerical errors are keeping you from driving with license, call us at 910-897-2105. 

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Regain Your Lost License

The situation often happens like this: a young person gets a traffic ticket and does nothing; then gets another one and does nothing because that seemed to work the first time. However, if you fail to pay your fine or come to court, the court will charge you with Failing to Appear. In North Carolina after 20 days, DMV gets notified that you Failed To Appear in court (called an FTA). DMV will then suspend your license. In addition to the FTA charge, the DMV also assesses a $200 FTA fee. A separate FTA and FTA fee is assessed each time a client fails to appear. The situation continues to snowball and leads to a permanently revoked license. Ultimately, orders for arrest may be issued and a good hardworking person is now wrapped up in a world of legal fines, fees, red tape, criminal charges and still has a revoked license. These are harsh cases, you can not only lose your license, pay fines and costs, but you can also go to jail for up to 120 days, depending upon your record. 

This situation can be tricky to unravel, but in hundreds of cases like this we have gotten good hardworking people back behind the wheel of a car, legally. In fact, recent changes in the law allow limited privileges for someone in the above situation. It is important to confront the problem and handle all the matters that have not been handled. Otherwise, the cycle will never end. 

Traffic Tickets Regain Your Lost License


Order a driving record
Identify where the problem lies
Determine the counties, and the charges
For issues outside of Harnett county, make contact with Attorneys in the appropriate counties, and provide the client with a quote for a global resolution.
Work to resolve the issues within and outside of Harnett County to clean up the driving record and get our client back behind the wheel.

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