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Accidents happen. Injuries are real and lasting.  When you have been injured by an accident, a wreck, or an unsafe condition we can help you receive compensation.  There are no do-overs, or undo arrows in life, we will fight to insure that you have what you need to face the new realities following an accident. 

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Personal Injury

If you have been in an accident be assured that the insurance company has begun an investigation.  The insurance companies’ interests are not your interests. They are working to keep the compensation as low as possible. We work to make it right. We work to ensure that you recover what you need to live with the new realities following an accident, and that you receive compensation for what you’ve lost. 

Accidents are difficult, in times of human loss and injury that can occur not only from the aggravation of dealing with carriers, but also. People in car crashes have to miss work, are in pain, and sometimes don’t return to being their old selves. 

Workers’ compensation Personal Injury

Morris Duke Stewart PA is not a 1-800 number lawfirm. We meet our clients in person, we listen to hear your individual experience, when you call you will talk to a person. Our knowledge of the facts and our personal connection make the difference when we fight for our clients. To meet with us in person, or have a brief telephone consultation, call our office, 910-897-2105. If we don’t recover for you, then we don’t require a fee.  

Steps to Take After an Accident

By contacting our firm, all of the information below will be done for you. Your job is to get better and stay in touch with our office.
We ask that you sign a fee agreement, which authorizes us to deal with the insurance company on your behalf.
We ask that you sign medical authorizations, which allow us to obtain your medical information and documents.
We obtain the police/incident report.
We obtain pictures of the scene, your injuries and the automobiles.
We communicate with the adjusters and all attorneys involved in the case.
We prepare and explain all legal documents and the process of a lawsuit from beginning to end.

Document Details of the Incident and your Injuries

After an accident it is important to take notes about the incident and document your injuries. Complex cases can take a year or more to resolve. Having information to refer back to can be important to the success of your case. Write down as much as you can about the accident itself, your injuries and any other losses (such as wages) you have suffered as a result of the accident. Make sure to take notes of any conversations that you have with people involved in the accident or the injury claim. Do not talk with any representative from the insurance company or sign anything without first consulting an attorney.

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