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We care for those who we love in life.  Estate planning allows us to care for our loved ones as they deal with our passing.  We can help you plan and assist your family in honoring you and your wishes. Stop by our office or call us at 910-897-2105 to set up an appointment. 

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Will and  Testament

Of all the services our firm provides, we are especially proud of assisting families in their estate planning. We put the client and family first, we will even come out to your house to execute needed documents. Call 910-897-2105 to set up an appointment with our paralegal to get started. 

In addition to wills, we encourage getting a power of attorney, health care power of attorney, and declaration of a desire for a natural death (often called a “living will”). It is difficult to face the realities of life and death, we take pride in helping to provide comfort and direction to your loved ones in their time of grief.


If you don’t have a will, no matter what age you are, you should consider one. We also recommend a power of attorney on almost all will preparations.

Will and Testament

The steps to getting a will are:

1. Discuss what a will means and can do for you, and your family
2. Decide what your wishes are, and how you wish to provide direction for your family
3. Provide a framework for how your wishes will be carried out and by whom
4. Give us the important information to remove any doubt or confusion in your wishes (bank, investment, insurance, land, home, cars, etc)
5. Once the documents are drafted, review the documents with us
6. Execute the documents and make them legally binding

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