What Our Clients Say

Timothy Morris law office is an upstanding firm who has assisted my family & I for over 20 years. Experience has consistently been superb. A great team to have in your corner, always keeping your best interest in mind. They have always gave great recommendations if dealing with a matter this firm does not handle. I can’t say enough positive things about this firm, definitely recommend.

Travis Earp

Best attorney in the country affordable and very professional service.

Todd Heath

I had a fantastic experience with Timothy Morris and his law office. I had a traffic violation recently that was going to add points to my license. Within a few hours, he and his law firm had worked with me to attend court on my behalf (I had work that day) and it was resolved quickly. I was notified a few days after the court date and as a result, no points on my license and got to work with a great firm! Highly recommended!

Jake Betancourt

When I contacted Mr Morris office I spoke with his office staff. They took all my information, they listened and were very professional and courteous. Mr Morris contacted me and we spoke about my case. Some of the information about the case was very sensitive and hard to talk about. Mr Morris made me comfortable, so I was able to speak freely. His words and kindness was heartfelt. Mr Morris expressed empathy in regards to my situation. He gave sound advice and took care of my case in a timely matter. I strongly recommend Mr Morris Law Firm to anyone who needs an advocate on their side. Thank you Tim. Your help in my case is greatly appreciated. If ever I need a lawyer, you will be the one I call.

Lisa Johnson

As a fellow attorney, I give Tim my highest recommendation. His dedication & passionate representation, and knowledge of the law are simply unparalleled. It would be an honor to have Tim represent me or my family.

Stacy Miller

I am beyond satisfied with the legal services of Mr Morris. He is very knowledgeable and professional and I would not hesitate to use his services again. He is honest and sincere.

pat mcclellan

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